Terms and Conditions

MYSP act as a multi vendor platform where we allow user register to sell and buy goods. By posting all the content in public space, you are agree to all these guidelines and policies issue by MYSP. We reserve a right to remove or unapprove any content that violates MYSP term and condition. In the event of repeated the violation, we have the right to suspend or permanently deactivate the accounts.


Anyone who notice about post that violate these guidelines below are welcome to contact us and report about these issues.


What we don’t allowed will be as below:


  • Content that promote illegal or harmfull activities,
  • Product listed which related to harmful activities and is band by Malaysia country laws.
  • Contest which is fraudulent, false and misleading
  • Trolling or repeatedly targeting community member


Agreement to term of use

These term and condition of use apply to MYSP. By using this site, we assume that everyone has agreeing to the following listed terms. If you don’t agree on below, please refuse to use this site.


MYSP retain the first priority and right to modify, add or changes content of these term of use at any time without any prior notice. It is your responsibility to check on these term of use periodically. For every account signing up, customer need to agree with all term and condition issue from our company. IF you continue use to our company site following the posting changes mean that you have agree and accept the policy changes.


How MYSP manage member and vendor

  • MYSP will definitely take action against those member who violated term and conditions, applicable laws or general commercial practices.
  • For the first issue, warning letter will be given out, for the following cases happen, termination of membership will be taken immediately
  • Restriction on certain services from MYSP
  • All benefits still ongoing will be terminated and be withdraw



Payment details

  • All prices of the product will be quoted in MYR, MalaysiaDollar (Direct product from MYSP). However, MYSP is open for multi vendor, MYR will still be the currency for vendors to quote at.
  • Payment must always be required before product provided. After you submitted the order, MYSP shall and entitled to receive such payment as is due in respect of the order.
  • Payment can be made through debit card and also online banking.
  • To maximise security for our customer, MYSP does not hold any banking details. They are all held by third parties payment providers.
  • From the seller perspective, our company have the right to hold the payment from buyer until they confirm receipt of the parcel. Vendors can manage their payment method and also set their withdraw method from the frontend



All content include on the site including company name, text design, icon and also images


Rewards point

For every new account signup, MYSP promise for a discount code for new customer without expiry date. For normal promotion code, unless stated otherwise, all code will expire within 30 days after grant date. All the receive code is non transferrable and exchange to cash. MYSP still hold priority right to cancel or revoke the promotion code from a user’s account.