Seller Terms and Conditions

The content below need to confirm and agree from seller who wanted to list and sell their product in MYSP.

MYSP has the right to change or modify the term and condition content. If there is any changes on the seller term and condition, our company will take the first step email all the seller. For seller who don’t agree on latest T&C need to stop all the services provided from MYSP. All the content changes will activate immediate after the email notice send out.

Please inform to all seller must read seriously all the T&C before agree on it. any question feel free to drop an email or call our hotline to require more information.


Order wise

Seller listed on MYSP must disclose the real information regarding product and also product order to buyer.

If there are any uncertainty to change original delivery plan, please change the related information within two hours on the website.


Delivery matter

If the system order has shown product delivery out, however in real situation, seller still holding the parcel and not yet delivery out, MYSP has the right to judge this seller as unethical, necessary action will be taken.

If something uncertainty happen, seller need to cancel the deal, he/she need to first communicate with buyer.  Both side has to come with common agreement. If seller is being complaint to MYSP, necessary action will be taken.


Delivery issues

If seller using any delivery services out of the company appointed by MYSP, seller need to bear with all the loss or damage if meet any delivery problem. Eg: Stock lost, product damage etc.

For those product ship from oversea, seller need to be honest and correctly detail out the parcel information. If there is case of parcel being stop by custome more than two weeks or parcel lost problem, seller is the one will bear all the losses. , unless agreement from both party seller and buyer.

For traveller, all the product purchase from overseas has to send to Mysperience warehouse instead of shipped it out personally. Mysperience will take role to delivery out the product.


Not allowed to do

Sellers are not allowed to use any path or service provided to cheat on cutomer.

Seller are not allowed to sell any product that is prohibited by the local country itself.

Seller MUST clarify the source of the product and detail in the product description tab, fake product is not allowable.

For ecery single transaction appear through MYSP, 3% of the commision will be count as platform fee