T.Thai Tea Lemon Grass “Nam Ta krai”

Extracted from: 100% Lemon Grass leaf

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  • 100% Natural, No artificial scent infused, No sugar, In Tea Bag form easy to brew, separately packaged, Premium product of Thailand, Delicious and healthy
  • Lemongrass is extensively used in Thai recipes and is a key ingredient for famous Tom Yum soup.
  • Tasting note: Lemongrass tea has a slightly spicy taste in nature. It has a very distinct yet appeasing lemony taste with fantastic aromatic citrus flavored.
  • Thailand is known as one of the best source for herbal tea. T.Thai.Tea offers well-sourced premium herbal tea made from high-quality ingredients from Thailand where all of them has been carefully selected, tasted, quality controlled and properly packaged to protect their beautiful scent and their richness.
  • Each individual tea has been recognised for their benefit for health, their pleasing scent including their soothing and relaxing nature. T.Thai.Tea teas serve just the perfect level of aroma with no scent infused resulting in a delicate cup of drink. Drinking herbal tea can be a great source of vitamins and minerals which you can enjoy throughout day and night, hot and cold. 


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