About Us


Stand for My experience

We all lived in the share world since we born. We uses the same asset, same air and same land although born different country. Sharing economy bring out the new model P2P (Peer to peer) model, lended and second handed market is no more strange for all of us.


Mysperience bring out the new concept to benefits both seller and buyer, we called it EXPERIENCING.

We encouraging most teenagers gaining new experiences with open heart by travelling to different country. Take it a moment to travel and shop around the country, and of course don’t forget to bring back whatever special from the country to our friends and family here.

Be ur own identity traveller.


The worlds have walk through online from time to time, this significant impact to most of the off-line market. However, daigou is the main career path to bring back the trend, they make combination of online and offline market to create more opportunity and future market. Human is our main capital, human who love travelling is our most capital.


Mysperience focus on oversea brand but not a famous brand already exist in Malaysia. Traveller maybe is our main capital to shop and hunt for the product.

Every Country their own popular and quality product brand, those who most familiar with the brand is their own local people, Malaysia will not know what product is that, because the world is too big. There is no chance to bring all brand together in one country. We are seem the platform to bring both demand and supply meet each other. Whoever also can become supplier for this business, every traveller is the best capital for our company. Whoever like travel so much, we encourage and assist them to explore more other country product and share it out to all Malaysian.


We are much more welcome traveller, friends or students staying overseas to join this platform as vendors.